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Location:Redwall Abbey, Mossflower
Website:Redwall Official Website
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Community description:Community for Brian Jacques's Redwall series
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action, adventure, animals, anthropomorphic fiction, badgers, bats, birds, eagles, eulalia, fantasy, ferrets, fiction, foxes, hares, hawks, hedgehogs, herons, loamhedge, log-a-log, lord brocktree, mariel of redwall, marlfox, martin, martin the warrior, matthias, mattimeo, medieval, mice, moles, mossflower, otters, outcast of redwall, owls, pearls of lutra, rakkety tam, rats, ravens, redwall, salamandastron, shrews, skipper, snakes, squirrels, stoats, taggerung, the bellmaker, the legend of luke, the long patrol, the pearls of lutra, the taggerung, triss, weasels, wildcats, young adult
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